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  • Advertising @Protectivestyles

Protective Styles Hair

Advertising @Protectivestyles

$ 125.00



Thank you for your interest in advertising with @ProtectiveStyles on Instagram. Please read instructions in its entirety before submitting payment/Post and to avoid delay in scheduling your AD.   

WE DO NOT PROMOTE THE FOLLOWING PAGES: Hair companies and pages that promote or sell hair extensions. Sunglasses/Eyewear (Contracted). 

All post will stay up for 24 hours then deleted. No exceptions. Previous Ad is deleted when new Ad is posted. You have 10 days to use all Ads after purchase. Ads not used will be subjected to a refund on the 11th day. You will be charged for the number of ads used according to our current rates and refunded the difference. For example, if you purchase 2 ads for $75 and only used 1 ad within the 10 days, you will be refunded $25 since the rate for 1 ad is $50. No exceptions.  

Current Rates (Subject to Change)

1 Post: $125.00

2 Post: $200.00

3 Post: $250.00

4 Post: $280.00

4 Post: $280.00



1. Purchase here on the site and obtain order number for your reference.

2. Please send one post and caption per email. If you purchase a package deal, you can send all your post upfront for scheduling, just in separate emails. In all emails sent, please Include order number and time frame preference in subject line. Please provide a 4 hour timeframe preference. If a specific time is sent, I will add 1-2 hours before & 1-2 hours after the time sent, so that it becomes a 4 hour timeframe. If no request is made, your post will be scheduled at the next availability. Also, I'm on Pacific Standard Time. If you're in a different time zone, I ask that you convert your time zone to PST. After post is sent with all required info, I will book your post within or closest to your time frame preference. You will receive a google calendar notification to accept the time booked. All post should be sent to this email only: naturalprotectivestyles@gmail.com  

Please note that you are required to submit via email a photo & caption created by you to be posted. As we copy the caption you send & paste it directly into Instagram. We do not edit or create captions, therefore, we will not add your IG name, emojis, etc.  


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